CryptoAdSolution Sets To Ease The Difficulties of Marketing Services And Master Nodes Cryptocurrencies

The hybrid system of CADS connects existing advertising platform with cryptocurrencies and in the process, provides its customers a unique new cryptocurrency that is non-volatile.

With the access to crypto advertising on the internet becoming a rarer phenomenon due to the difficult model of the crypto advertising that is hampering the quality of the ads in the field of crypto and blockchain, the crypto advertising has been banned by most leading vendors.

CryptoAdSolution has taken it upon itself to bring back the advertising for the crypto industry by creating a versatile ecosystem that will unite the interest of advertisers, publishers and customers through custom-made advertising platform back by Smart Contract capabilities.


Its advertising packages which can be bought with their custom
cryptocurrency CADS will offer two functions, first, generating traffic and
high-quality clicks, second, generating passive income through
advertising cost reimbursement systems which will reward customers
spending a particular amount of time on advertising each day.
Its decentralised ad exchange built on straits blockchain and smart
contracts are designed to replace the traditional digital adverting models
with a transparent solution oriented concept for the advertisers and
collaborate with ad publishers to entice more customers.

One of key spokesperson for the firm was quoted as saying, “CADS offers
the community a variety of advertising opportunities and the
opportunity to build a passive income through advertising packages. We
believe that our custom coin CADS has the working infrastructure to
become a trusted mean of payment with many large platforms in the
world. The frequent use of CADS guarantees an increase in value and
supplies the community with a functioning cryptocurrency.”

The CryptoAdSolution ecosystem is backed by MasterNode concept, a
decentralized web of computers that serves their network, which
performs important network function and receive part of the block
rewards. They help in stabilizing the coin supply, process transactions
quickly and securing the network.

Alternatively, each MasterNode can also be defined as a certain number
of CADS coins which are stored in a so-called cold wallet. The company
also has plans to launch a mobile version of CADS in 2019 that will offer
mobile solutions for advertising, traffic, and customers.


About CryptoAdSolution
CryptoAdSolution is a community-focused advertising platform that
rewards customers for consuming and running cryptocurrency


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