Smart contract breakthrough due to advertising startup CryptoAdSolution?

Unique industry –focused digital currency, CyptoAdSolution, first applicational use for Stratis Blockchain smartcontracts in C#, Breakthrough.

Smart contracts have become more famous due to a long development period. It has been noticed how easy it is for the user and how they can find a quick application process due to decentralization.

It was not very long ago, in May 2018, when Stratis released the Smart contracts in C#.
The alpha release was on May 16, 2018. Stratis has managed to create the first Smart Contract platform based on the C# programming language. This fact makes it incredibly easy and for many people possible to access Stratis Smart Contracts. C# is probably the most common programming language and is used in many sectors. It opens an incredible number of doors and removes many barriers that smart contracts brought to other programming languages.

Now it seems that the Stratis Smart contracts in C # will make their first breakthrough. A
startup advertising platform based on blockchain and crypto-currencies that provides your customers with their own cryptocurrency wants to use Stratis Smart contracts in C# for the first time.

CryptoAdSolution is the advertising platform which should be the solution for the banned crypto-related advertisements. In any case, they have proven that they offer crypto advertising and that it works.
The Stratis Blockchain want to use the developers of this advertising platform by launching a so-called AdExchange. On this early purchased advertising space should be auctioned.

A model that is well known. However, they want to access Smart contracts on C# and
manage the AdExchange on the basis of Smart contracts. Of course, a smooth process
and safe handling of the Exchange is guaranteed. CryptoAdSolution has planned this
feature with Stratis Smart Contracts in 2020. According to the roadmap, the first exact
details will be published as early as the fourth quarter of 2019.

We asked CAs why they decided to implement Stratis smart contracts. That was their
answer: „Quite simply, we tried the Ethereum Blockchain, for example. This is good and
serves its purpose yet there are some mistakes and problems with implementation and
implementation. It is non-legible to standardize this. It is an extreme programming effort
necessary and you would need an experienced large external coder team, which costs a
lot more money. This takes us from the Stratis Blockchain. C# is a common product and
works well. Many programmers can easily implement it. We have already started work and hope to finalize the implementation by 2020. Our goal for 2019 is to have a community of 100,000 people. These conditions would be optimal for implementing the AdExchange based on Startis smart contracts in C#“ We are curious. In fact, this could be the first real applicational user for Smart Contracts in C# on the Stratis Blockchain, signifying the breakthrough for Stratis Smart contracts.

This innovation of the advertising platform now brings a real use case for smartcontracts in C#. We hope that the implementation progresses will be smoothly and wish the best for both parties. Of course we congratulate to this idea and the promising success. If you like to check out their bitcointalk you might also get your personal positive experience.


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