CryptoAdSolution is Spearheading Crypto Advertising with a New Product Innovation

Crypto-marketing is headed towards a brighter future with the upcoming new products announced by CryptoAdSolution. The new solutions, to be bought with CADS coins, include advertising packages, an advertising marketplace, AdExchange and an exclusive cryptoapp service.

CryptoAdSolution is working to address some core challenges faced by the marketing
industry. These include the difficulties faced in market services as well as master node
cryptocurrencies. The new solutions offered will work in a new ecosystem based on
Stratis and master nodes, and will make it easier to buy advertising packages, connect
advertisers and consumers with each other, generate passive income and more.

New crypto advertising opportunities will soon open up for global users with the launch of the CADS coin and ad marketplace. Their bitcointalk is already gaining lots of attention. The platform will be a hybrid system specializing in marketing, and safe and versatile for all requirements. Customer advertising packages will bring quality traffic with clicks and rewards in the form of passive income.

The advertising packages can be bought with CADS, soon to be available from pre-sale.
The advertising cycle will run every 24 hours, and customers will consume at least 70
seconds of advertising each day. The package will generate 20% profit, and advertising
share and commissions will be distributed daily in CADS. Tailor-made customer advertising packages will also be available.

The advertising marketplace is another part of the CryptoAdSolution ecosystem. This will
connect advertisers with consumers. The AdExchange will be built upon Stratis and mart
contracts and aims to replace the existing digital advertising models. The AdExchange is
scheduled for release in 2020.

CryptoAdSolution will also be available on mobile phones through CryptoAPPSolution. A
mobile version of CADS, the service will allow supplying apps such as Blockfolio with ads, traffic and customers. The mobile version will work as a separate advertising system and will be similar to the advertising packages. The app is scheduled for release in 2019.


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