CryptoAdSolution – A legit masternode product?

There are questions about the current record breaking CryptoAdSolution (CADS) about how they will deliver the promised products and also why there are no persons behind it.
Today we will have a closer look! After that you can tell by yourself if CADS is a SCAM!

CryptoAdSolution is building the next-generation, blockchain based advertising marketplace for the cryptoworld. CADS aims to address the current challenges faced by crypto-marketing world as well as master node cryptocurrencies. The coin will have a block timing of 8 minutes on average, with master node reward of 80% and a stake reward of 20%.

CADS is a community and industry based cryptocurrency, which will resolve the issue of crypto advertising through a bouquet of products. These include advertising packages, a marketplace, AdExchange and an exclusive mobile app.

“The CADS coin and our hybrid platform are designed to offer a variety of features to maximize the benefits of marketing, advertising and traffic generation,” said a spokesperson for CryptoAdSolution.

Advertising packages are preferred for generating traffic and quality clicks.
CryptoAdSolution will offer advertising packages to connect advertisers with consumers, make it simple to market products and services, and also generate passive income.
Customized packages will also feature banners, email lists, SEO and PPC. The ad cycles will run every 24 hrs with 70 seconds of ads to be consumed every day. All packages can be bought with CADS, which will also be used to pay commissions.

The CryptoAdSolution marketplace will disrupt the traditional digital advertising models through its transparent and algorithm based search engine to connect advertisers with consumers. For those looking at mobile advertising solutions, the CryptoAPPSolution will offer a separate advertising package on its decentralized ad exchange built upon Stratis and smart contracts.
So all in all we can say that the promises of CADS are huge! People are wondering why they don’t show their faces. But if you overthink tha fact that CryptoAdSolution could be the next Facebook Ad’s you should see that there will be a huge community. And where there is a huge community there are also haters or people they don’t like the success of others.
In our industry that is a bit of a problem because of blackmailers. If you where forced to send your coins to an address you can’t get them back like in a bank transaction. And therefore the admins of CADS just want to protect themself.

So as a conclution we are happy to see CryptoAdSolution growing and are proud to be a part of it! If you are searching for more help or having trouble to find support regarding your CADS account visit our page and check out our whole team support!



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